Bagel Boy and Co., LLC was created to fill a void in the rich fabric of New Orleans' food scene: a bagel delivery service. After a few months of delivering bagels pro bono, mainly through the site "Tulane Classifieds," I was encouraged by friends to take this business model further, and have now expanded services to the Greater New Orleans area.

All bagels are homemade with the highest quality ingredients and are baked the same day as expected delivery. With a multitude of options to choose from, I'm sure you'll be able to find a bagel that suits your taste. In addition to my delicious bagels, take a moment to check out my Bagel Boy t-shirts and stickers. Those are fan favorites!

Check back often to see how my business develops. In the near future, I plan to offer spreads and jams as well as sandwich options, but the dreams are limitless! For now, though, Bagel Boy has one promise: to ensure the safe and speedy delivery of quality bagels fresh to your door.